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KILOAD is the economical choice for axle weight monitoring systems accessible to all budgets. If you are looking to get your vehicle’s axle weights, gross vehicle weights, or payload, KILOAD is the one. In blink of an eye you have access to your gross vehicle weight, payload and its distribution on the truck. The small backlit cab mounted display can be installed on the dashboard without obstructing the view.
  SENTINEL is the Gold Standard when it comes to wireless onboard axle weight monitoring systems for trucks and trailers. The palm size hand help monitor displays real time gross and axle weights simultaneously within a radius of 800’ from the vehicle. In a blink of an eye, the pictogram displays gross weight and axle weights and their distribution. Weights can be displayed in net (payload) or gross (GVW) and selected units (kgs, lbs or tons). Pictograms of popular trucks and trailers are available in the monitor’s memory. Imagine the calibration process with pictograms; it’s as easy as ABC.

SENTINEL is the tool per excellence for remote weighing within a margin of error of +/- 0.01. It allows up to 8 channels (axle group) to be displayed. Multiple trailers and their calibrations are easily stored in the monitor which makes swapping trailers easy.

SENTINEL wireless is as versatile as your needs require.

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